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Flat weave rug or ‘Dhurrie’ as we call it in North India, is a very versatile 

textile used as a floor covering, wall hanging or sometimes as bedding. 

Dhurries are also given as gifts to the newly weds and are woven specially

by the bride’s mother.


Later, dhurries became more commercially viable but due to limited design 

options, these have often been overshadowed by the more ornamental, 

intricate, hand knotted rugs from Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir.

To bridge this gap between old, charming, rustic village life and modern 

urbane luxury, Home Neera was established by Poornima.

Home Neera works extensively with the weavers and skilled craftsmen and

endeavors to celebrate handcraft in all its glory.

Home Neera deals directly with the artisans and respects each artisans 

limitations in terms of creativity and technique, giving these communities

a stronger sense of cultural independence and pride..


Design Aestheticism

Our designs are modern yet simplistic, adapting to the ever changing social

landscape. We believe that a dhurrie can breathe life and transform any space. We 

design and produce statement dhurries that elevate and enrich our homes and spaces.


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