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Virasat is an ode to the cultural practices of Punjab, where dhurries form a part of the bride’s wedding gifts and are also made for personal use at home.


These dhurries are essentially woven by women who would gather after work for a cup of tea, sing & weave.


Charkha mera Rangla

vich charkha de, sone divan methane

Naale main yard Karan, naale main rovan

jad charkha val vekhan


‘The spinning wheel with gold nuts spins colours in my life.

But whenever I see it it reminds me of you and makes me cry’.

Women during the evening sit together and spin while singing songs.


This collection has been sourced directly from such amazing women who weave their emotions and design sensibilities, highlighted through colour and form.


We at home Neera are eternally grateful to them


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